Historical Electric Watt Hour Meters

The Bolack Electromechanical Museum is located on the B-Square Ranch south of the San Juan River. Access is along a 60 acre man-made lake, across an 1899 Railroad Bridge, which was moved some 12 miles, and up to picturesque sandstone bluffs.

Tommy Bolack has been collecting artifacts representing electric power, broadcasting, medical, agriculture and oil and gas for over thirty years. Opened to the public in 1990, the 15,000 square foot exhibit area and two acres outside, display many aspects of industrial development.

  The largest standing display of slate and marble switchboard from nine power plants flank the north wall and represent the period from 1990 to 1920. The craftsmanship and ornate nature of electric meters, relays and generators have stood the test of time. Glass insulators now stand as objects of beauty along with massive generator engines. Many items are displayed so that "inside views" maybe had.
  The now one-of-a-kind RCA 50E spread radio station KOB's 50,000 watt A.M. voice throughout the southwest fro over fifty years, Other early radio and television equipment are assembled for display in the southern section of the museum.
  Flanking the half mile approach to the electrical museum are numerous pieces of horse-drawn farm equipment. Seldom seen painted, most of these examples of a by-gone era usually lie rusting away. Numerous steel-wheel tractors are also on display outside. Many small power distribution objects are on display throughout the interior of the museum.
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